It's not that easy but you can do it!

You want to be great parent everyday, especially when it comes to special moments such as your child's birthday. Very important day for you as a parent and so many things you need to plan and do before guest arrives.

Let me share my experience, I truly hope it will make it easier for you.

  • Set date and time. ( don’t forget to check the weather on that date)

  • Invite people ahead of time. (make sure you let your guest know about upcoming party at least 3-4 weeks ahead, especially in busy cities like Los Angeles or NYC)

  • Set your budget for the party.

  • Choose the theme. Usually it's a good idea to ask a child what cartoon he likes or who is his favorite character.

  • Choose food and entertainment options.

All right now you did the hard part and all your family and especially kids waiting for the day. But to fully enjoy your party let me tell you most common mistakes parents make.

  • Guests are late. Keep in mind that people always late to kid’s parties for about 30 min to an hour. So if you planned anything special make sure you schedule it at least one hour pass arrival time.

  • Leave some space for an entertainment and dance floor. Many people put tables and chairs randomly, always plan your tables layout especially if you invited entertainers make sure they have enough room for games and props.

  • Feed the children before entertainment comes. Parents often running late and don’t have time to feed kids before the party and it’s very hard to stay energetic and have fun if the kid arrives to the party hungry and hits entertainment time.

Those are most common big mistakes parent make on the day. Of course there are much more little details you should pay attention too but again sharing it from my point as character entertainer.

I hope will enjoy your next party and keep smiling!

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